There are two kinds of light - the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.   James Thurber

Lighting Design is a specialised science of shaping and rendering  for visual appreciation. Light plays a pivotal role in the delienation of form and space around us. In our design processes we actively integrate lighting techniques to visualise the final rendered image in the eyes of the user of the space.

Over the last decade of working in the realm of arts and culture, we have developed an innate sense of playing with light in the expanse of museum and gallery design with the emphasis on illuminating Indian art and heritage.


Our work encompasses the technical and art side of lighting design. Process sketches lead to rendering which are then transformed into the real world simulation using softwares only to be validated by live mock ups of illumination with the subject. This multi tiered approach lays the basis of our expertise in lighting design. 

We have extended this knowledge of lighting design to illuminate buildings and spaces using contextual technology in the most cost and energy conscious methods of approach.