Shrujan Shop

Located in the outskirts of the Bhuj city the store acts as a primary point of reference for local embroidery and crafts, an information centre for the region alongside a retail store.

Spatially the store was conceived to be one unified volume with the amalgamation of three spaces which were placed at different levels relative to the floor plate. The square staircase serves as a connector between the levels as well as a partition between the general and the discounts sections. It cleverly hides a level drop in the volume through its shape and location.


The design was to define spaces for various types of collections ranging from accessories to apparels and a distinct section which was to house the discounted collection during seasonal sales. There was a need to carve out a space for high end products with exclusivity in display methodology and visitor experience.

The design and fabrication of the display units was completely done in collaboration with the local carpenters to empower them with the necessary skills in contemporary design interventions. Shrujan has been promoting local arts and crafts such as terracotta, metal work and lacquer work indigenous to Kutch. An accent space meant for such displays was to be featured in the store alongside the apparel display.

Matrika Design Collaborative also worked on new ways of working with materials where in the malleability of stainless steel was used to create perforated turned leaf partitions in the space. Innovative ways of display of cushions and stoles were married into a Spartan interior format in the high end section of the first floor. 


Wall art in the form of Lippan Kaam (Traditional mud work carried out by local communities of Kutch) were restored and displayed along the walls of the store. 

Due to budgetary constraints we embarked on a conservative yet optimized method of lighting which was based on accentuating the display and breaking the monotony of long parallel walls. We designed our own system of down lighting using common track lights and linear lighting fixtures to up light and down light the store interiors.


Unlike mainstream stores the Shrujan store is a part of visit experience to Shrujan which is visited by tourists, textile designers and students of design and architecture.